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Yielding to the Holy Spirit

January 25 & 26

Our entire Christian experience and walk with Jesus is directly related to our yielding to the Holy Spirit’s working in our lives. Notice it is His working and our yielding. He is the only One who can mold you after the Divine character of God. The minute you begin to think you are doing the work of transformation you can know for a surety it is not the work of the Holy Spirit. The more you depend on your own strength the less you are allowing the Spirit to work in you. And before you know it you will have all but pushed Him out of your life all the while thinking you are led and filled with His presence. And thus, the unity that God wants to accomplish among His people and with Him never comes to fruition. This is why there is so much dissension in so many churches. There are people walking around that have set up their own unrighteous standard while rejecting Christ’s righteous standard that can only be realized through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. We must constantly keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Lest Satan deludes us while believing we are walking after the Spirit of God.

Have a great day! Thank you for spending some time considering these thoughts.