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His Abiding Presence

January 9 & 10


One day when working in the uranium mines far below the surface I got this idea of seeing how dark it would be with literally no light source. So when I was in a place where the only light I had was my headlamp I decided to turn it off. The darkness became so intense I immediately turned my headlamp back on. It was not a good feeling! It suddenly became very clear to me how important it was to have a power source to light my way. And so it is with our walk with Jesus. We need the continuous presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives: He is the power source that illuminates the truths of the Bible. He makes them clear to our understanding. And thus the Word becomes a light to you in your life journey. You begin to see things differently. What once we found attractive no longer has a hold upon our souls for we see they lead away from our Savior. We desire more of the Spirit in our lives than the things of this world. And thus we are “born of the Spirit”. It is a day-by-day experience, as the potter working the clay. Being fashioned into His likeness to His glory and for our ultimate happiness. Longingly, patiently God awaits your call out to Him to be supplied with His abiding presence. 


Have a great day! Thank you for spending some time considering these thoughts.


           And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he
           may abide with you forever. John 14:16