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The Holy Spirit

January 3 & 4


As finite humans beings it is impossible to truly understand the infinite. I believe this is why God admonishes us in His Word that we are to walk and live by faith. There is much we do not understand regarding the Holy Spirit. However, there is one thing that is made clear, it is the Holy Spirit that brings conviction to our hearts. And when He does this is God leading in our lives for a closer walk with Jesus and in the way of salvation. The Holy Spirit will always point you to Jesus, the Truth of God’s Word and open up a clearer view of how much Jesus loves you.


So when you hear that still small voice speaking to your heart or sense that deep conviction in your soul of Truth obey it. It is God’s invitation into a deeper, brighter revelation of His love.  You are His child and Jesus wants nothing more than for you to walk with Him. Take hold of His hand, trust Him with all your heart and you will see that there is truly no other way to experience true peace.


Have a great day! Thank you for spending some time considering these thoughts.